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Guide Trips to Start Monday Dec. 2nd.

Maki Maki Dingle Drop 12inch Crappie Clear Lake Dingle Perch Droid Phone 517The Bite is on.  I will be running full-time starting Monday! I fished today for a couple hours and did very well on Crappies and Yellow Bass. If your looking for a good early bite with big numbers DONT WAIT!  Chris and I are rocking out multiple lakes and we can get you on a good bite.

Season starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be my first day out checking multiple lakes and ponds.  We hope to pop a few holes and put some fish on the ice.  If all goes well we will be starting the guided ice fishing trips soon. Check back in a couple days and I’ll fill you in on my adventures.

Guide Ice Fishing

This ice fishing season is right around the corner. We have been working hard to get ready for this season and we are very excited to see some ice.  We have some great spots ready to kick out some nice fish. It’s just a waiting game now. If your looking for a fun and exciting time on the ice give me a call. A few bites we are looking forward to are Walleyes on Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Gills and Perch, Clear Lake Yellows and Lake X Walleyes.  First ice is going to be fantastic so keep an eye on my fishing reports and if it sounds like something that you would like to try give me a call. Please go to my rates page for pricing.


It’s time for fall panfish

The blue gills and crappies are on the chew and its also time to start talking abut Ice Fishing. This winter you will have two places to hear my fishing reports. 1st is this site and second is Visit My audio reports will be about Clear Lake and the Iowa Great Lakes.48157_4989210302372_47415887_n