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Holy Smokes Its HOT!!!

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It doesn’t get much better guys. The bite is in full swing!! We do have some limit availability over the next 10 days so if your looking to put a couple Walleye in the freezer give us a call. 6415292359

April 19

Crappie have been good and will only get better over the next couple of weeks. The Walleye bite was fantastic before the cold front and now things have slowed down a little. The Walleye bite is still good enough to pull a couple limits and after this cold spell blows by they are going to be on the chew. Walleye are still being found in the shallows and the crappies are making there way to the spawning grounds.

rick h

Crappie Walleye

It’s GOOD!

The fishing has really picked up! Walleye and Crappie have been in pretty good numbers and the sizes have been great also. Walleye have been caught on jig and a minnow and the crappie are also being caught on minnows or tube jigs. Over the next couple of weeks I have plenty of availability. If you have interest please feel free to give me a call and we can talk details.



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The Spring bite has started!

The Walleyes bite is starting to pick up on Clear Lake. Early and late in the day with a jig/minnow combo has been best. We have also been catching Crappie, Yellows and Gills up shallow. This time of the year is a great time to really do well. Over the next month we will see a big increase in fishing activity and the bite will continue to increase as we move forward. We are going to focus on 4 different bites over the next month.
-1st  Walleye
-2nd Crappie
-3rd Muskie
-4th Yellow Bass
The boys20140428_14473720130815_130151The Landing