Crappie, Gills, Walleye, Muskie

The Walleye and Crappie bite on Clear Lake is still pretty good most Walleyes are being caught out in the basin while the Crappie are still up shallow. Over at Crystal Lake the gills and bass are also going very well live bait along the weeds has been the best tactic. Muskie on Clear Lake are also starting to heat up. I’ve seen multiple fish boated over the last week and its only going to get better from now until Sept. We have a few days left in June to fill up and then we will start working on Muskie trips in July.  July is a great time to target the Muskie but if your not looking for that there is always a different bite we can put you on.  Crystal lake will be hot in July!! Crystal has great numbers of Bass, Gills, and Walleye.