Stage One Complete

Stage one is complete.  We just finished up a show for Ice Team TV. Now Im off to Hill City SD to fish for Lake Trout for two days then on Saturday we will be taking the Rapid City Boys Club fishing.  It looks like its going to be a great turnout with well over 50 kids to take on the ice.  ITS GOING TO BE A BLAST!!!

Fishing during the show was fair.  We had a real good bite on Minnewasta for a Mixed Bag of fish.  We pulled a few Master Anglers out and also some nice Perch.  Millers Bay has been ok from time to time and there is a lot of fish but not a lot of takers. I’ll be going back on Monday to figure out those fish in Millers.  I think there ready to snap its just a spot on spot bite.

#9-Paul sets hook-camera man #8-Woten-perch #3-Paul-Genz release big yellow #5-Genz-perch